Adventures in Ice Cream

Hi, we’re the Milkmaids of MilkMade Ice Cream. This is a blog of our adventures in ice cream, including flavors of the day, behind the scenes, and company updates. Become a Member and get our ice cream shipped right to your door. Or drop by Brooklyn to visit our new Tasting Room.

Well, that was a summer.

abreakey-foodphotography-icecreampartyAs the temps dip and trees grow barren, we reflect on our first summer at the Tasting Room.

It all started in March, when we officially took over the lease at the old Hay Rosie ice cream shop in Brooklyn. We originally thought it would solely be our factory for producing pints for the Membership Subscription, but people kept knocking on the door looking for ice cream. Our neighbors were pretty insistent upon us offering scoops (really, we got some threatening letters) that we decided to open our first shop – our Brooklyn Tasting Room.

We transformed the front of the factory into our parlor. I really wanted it to feel like home – cupboards for storage, houseplants courtesy of our friends at The Sill, copious MilkMade collector’s magnets on the door. With the finishing touch, Pavla and I painted the interior ourselves. Pink trim, of course.

We launched with a gathering of our dearest friends and Members at the end of May. And boom! Thereafter, Lauren, our production manager, and I have been racing to keep up.

Our scoopistas, Candice, Mary, Michelle, Bryce, and Hannah, are what fueled this place. We received so many comments about their awesome service this summer. Our interns, Nova and Nora, subbed in from time to time (intern takeover!!), and, along with Pavla, kept on our social media game, keeping our community up to date on our adventures. For all of these ladies, I am grateful.

The overwhelming favorite flavor at the shop was our Rock Rock Rockaway Road, followed by our Cobbler Hill, and our 677c1f48a28d6ca2fc89db74e298a408Strawberry Shortcake. Or maybe it was Basil Chip. We rotated through over 50 flavors this summer, it’s hard to keep up! Though people do call in daily to make sure we haven’t run out of Rockaway Road.

My favorite offering is our Tasting Flights. With custom mini-cones from The Konery, you choose five mini scoops to try. I’ve always taken inspiration from microbreweries when developing MilkMade. And this is an ode to my hometown favorite, The Bruery. With custom wooden flight holders made by my friend Will. Below is our Halloween Flight.

We subsisted on ice cream lunches and Grady’s Cold Brew, which we have on tap at the Tasting Room. That’s right, Grady’s Cold Brew coffee on tap. Thanks to Joyride Coffee. And more recently, our Cookie and Cream – piping hot-outta-the-oven fresh baked cookies with a scoop of ‘scream on top.

It certainly was a summer. And another great chapter in our Adventures in Ice Cream. Oh! And we got some awards. Village Voice named us the Best New Ice Cream Shop for 2015. Business Insider named us one of NYC’s Coolest New Businesses (cool, we hope. not just because we make ice cream). We even made it to New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix – brilliant/low-brow. We’ll take it!

The Tasting Room remains open through the winter – with full ice cream service on the weekends, and pints for sale along with coffee service by our neighbors King’s Coffee on weekdays.